Buy big. Pay small.

Pay later using the available limit on your credit card.

Enjoy now.

Pay over time.

No fees.

No interest.

No applications.

No credit checks.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Select Float as your payment option at checkout.
  • Choose your number of instalments.
  • Complete your purchase like any other credit card transaction.

Need clarity? Here’s an example!

R6 000 reserved

R4 000 reserved

R2 000 reserved

At the time of purchase, Float will temporarily "reserve" the full amount on your credit card, but only charge you the first interest-free instalment up front. The reserved amount is completely interest-free.

Each time you pay an instalment, a new temporary reserve is placed for the outstanding balance, until your purchase is completely repaid.

To learn more, please see the Shopper FAQ's